Thrown Out Roses

It seems so strange putting such brilliant, lively flowers in the garbage, doesn’t it?


Writers Block

Sometimes you can not complete a single sentence. There is just nothing to spell out. This is not one of those times. It is the opposite in fact. This time there are so many things, all of which lack a cohesive thread.


I took the garbage out tonight, well after I had crossed the dilusional threshold of tired. School work will have to wait until tomorrow but local sanitation services aren’t as flexible. I looked curiously at my neighbors, congregating across the street. One noticed me and pointed to the sky saying, “it’s the blood moon.” I looked up and was suddenly sober. The sight was pretty too but I realized, this is the first time all summer that I’ve actually stopped to look up at the sky and marvel at the stars. A thing that had consumed many hours every night, and much of my thought life in previous years had gone completely overlooked this time. My heart sank and the ache in my neck seemed to make more sense.

Have be I really been so busy so as not to see the eclipse?

An Open Letter To Whoever Stole My Phone

In a heartbeat you welcomed yourself to the rewards of my hard work. You think you stole a phone when in fact, you’ve stolen much much more.

In your hands is the sweat of my overtime at work, the priceless pictures of my little boy that I have no way of retrieving, and my connection to resources. You probably genuinely believe you deserve that phone, or the money you’ll get for selling it, and truth is you absolutely do! I don’t doubt that you’re working hard to overcome serious struggles, and doing the best you can, but so am I and I deserve that phone too. I don’t blame you, walking away from my cart was a dumb thing to do and I was certainly an easy target, but I didn’t have much of a choice when my toddler ran off. I am certain that the happiness this thing brings you is far less than the sadness of having it taken from me. I’m sure you assume I have insurance to cover the loss and replacing it will simply be an inconvenient hassle. You’re wrong about that one, my insurance is nothing more than my work ethic. You were smart to put the phone in airplane mode immediately so I can’t lock it remotely. I’m guessing this isn’t your first heist. Thanks for at least leaving my wallet, I just wish you had a little more compassion in the moment and decided against taking anything from me. I have truly worked hard for everything I have, and you’re so much less like Robin Hood than you may think. On the off chance you read this and change your mind, just leave an anonymous comment. In the mean time, I’ll be praying that you find such overwhelming success in an honorable way that you no longer feel the need to steal from anyone else.

Welton Academy Staff Retreat

Watching the last two years of Jon and Karens life unfurl, even from a distance, has been both encouraging and empowering! What an amazing work God is doing with you my friends!! Blessings in all you do and prayer for the famed, “more, Lord!”

Guys seriously, read his stuff.

Disrupting Culture

The first week of January was the first annual Welton Academy Staff Retreat. If you haven’t been following the changes, let me give you a quick update.

Karen and I were with Randy Clark for 3 years in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; we then moved back home to Rochester NY and launched out into full time itinerate ministry (I was part time for about 2 years before the move). So for about 6 years we focused on itinerate ministry and about 18 months ago we launched the first year of Welton Academy.

We thought that we would have maybe 100 students in our first year, what we didn’t plan for was that we had over 500 students register. This meant that I had to move from 6 years of working with a part time administrator to having a whole team of staff members. Now 18 months later we have 9 incredible core…

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Arguing With Children Can Be Risky

Had a giggle, had to share 🙂

Morning Story and Dilbert

Morning Story and Dilbert Vintage Dilbert
February 4, 2004

In a grade school lesson, a teacher was explaining a little bit about whales.

A little girl in class piped up and said: “I just learned that Jonah in the bible was swallowed by a whale.”

The teacher said it was physically impossible for a whale to swallow a human because even though it was a very large mammal its throat was relatively small.

The girl said: “I am sure Jonah was swallowed by a whale.”

The teacher reiterated that a whale could not swallow a human; that it was physically impossible.

The little girl replied: “My Sunday school teacher told me Jonah was swallowed and she would not lie to me.”

A bit perturbed by this, the teacher proclaimed: “That is a “story” from the bible, it is not factual, and I will not argue with you.”

After a little thought, the girl responded:…

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Annual Coffee Review: The Passion Continues to Grow.

The Adventures of elATLboy

Last year my focus was more on savoring the coffee and the experience then just trying to visit x amount of coffee shops and drink as much coffee as I could. I still managed to checkout many new spots around home and while traveling and returned back to favorites like Octane Coffee in Atlanta, The Wormhole Coffee in Chicago, Koffee Café in Cleveland and Rowster Coffee in Grand Rapids. New favorites emerged like Strange Matter Coffee in Lansing, Michigan, while others unfortunately closed like Glassbox Coffee & Juice in Ann Arbor.

The goal of experiencing different coffee brewing methods was a success both at home and on the road. Moving past the single cup pour over on…

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