From Rags to Royalty

Morning Story and Dilbert

Morning Story and Dilbert Vintage Dilbert
September 17, 2007

One day a beggar saw a proclamation posted on the palace gate. The king was giving a great dinner to honor his son. Anyone dressed in royal garments was invited. The beggar looked at the rags he was wearing and sighed. Surely only kings and their families had royal garments.

An idea crept into his mind. The audacity of it made him tremble. The beggar approached the guard at the gate saying, “Please, sire, may I speak to the king.”

“Wait here,” the guard replied.

In a few minutes, he returned. “His majesty will see you,” he said, and led the beggar in.

“You wish to see me?” asked the king.

“Yes, your majesty. I would like to attend the banquet honoring your son but I have no royal robes. Please, sir, if I may be so bold, may I have one of your old…

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