“Social Media”

Facebook is a lot of things. It’s networking, and sharing. It’s the land of soap boxes and dirty laundry. It’s knowing exactly where your friends are when they post. It’s photos and “status updates” that usually have nothing to do with any kind of actual status. It’s likes and followers, popularity and ego. It’s marketing and advertising. It’s trending and it’s the news.

What it’s not is social. I’ll be one of the first to admit that shamelessly, I often find myself lonely. I adore my son and have many loving people around me but there’s so much business in every moment of life that keep us from truly connecting. From the to do list to the buzzing laundry machine and the boiling over pot of my attempt at gluten free pasta (which is actually very simple, unless of course you over complicate everything…but that’s a blog for another day) there seems to be an intimacy that is clearly lacking. How did yet another at come to a close before I checked in with a close friend to see how they’re doing? How have I gone so long without seeing any of the people I love most, who live outside the walls of this home?

Here’s me getting bold and calling you out a little. If the inconvenience of reaching just past your “friends list” and over to your dial pad is too much, why did you bother adding me in the first place? If we are all brutally honest our friends list can usually be broken into 3 parts.
1. People we feel obligated to add to our friends list
2. People we want to keeps tabs on (i.e. Stalk) but who aren’t really friends
3. Actual friends. However this category is nearly always the leanest.

So I’m signing off for a while. I would encourage you to try it too, just for a short while.

We are all guilty of wishing there were more hours in the day but the truth is, we would probably just spend those hours on Facebook, reading posts and links about things we forget before the day expires.

Here’s what I think I’ll do instead.

Play with my son, undistracted.

he loves playing with phones and that can become quite contentious when I just want to finish my post

Invest in actually connecting withy friends
No, group messages don’t count.

Read a new book
I got a coffee from Barnes and Noble today and then realized how much I have missed my local library.

the true origin of intimacy (which means to be known, and who knows us better than the creator?)

Now I’m sure I’ll probably “escape” into mindless phoning at some point throughout the day, but maybe I’ll try playing Lumosity more, or something a little less…activating than Facebook. For those of you who want to remain, or get in touch my email address is a good place to start.


What would you do with an extra hour of life every day?


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