Kale Salad That Doesn’t Taste Like My Lawn Mower Made It

I really like Kale. Mostly because my first experience with it was at Thanksgiving this year when my grandma made kale chips. Everything she cooks or bakes is like magic in an edible medium. After family supper that day I decided to make some myself, because she did say it was easy after all!

……It wasn’t as easy as I thought.Don’t get me wrong, the instructions are simple but you can also mess it up pretty easily and when the flavor is just a little bit off its no good. This adventure made me (a novice cook) feel like I was in a literal game of Sorry! and I just KEPT getting sent back to start. Square one.

The final product of kale chips a la Morgan were something like a 7.75 on a scale of gross – 10. Occasionally I will eat regular potato chips and even Lays will sometimes have a yucky chip in there, so I’m not too disappointed in myself. Forsaking much more effort on the chips, I made a salad.


This was one of those, throw-some-things-in-there-and-make-it-up-as-I-go kind of things. Here’s what I used.

~1/2 a bunch of Organic smooth kale (which turns out not to be so smooth after all)
~2 tsp Olive Oil
~A pinch or two of Sea Salt
~Juice from half a lemon
~Sunflower Seeds to taste
~Organic Poppy Seeds to taste
~1 cup Cooked Organic Quinoia
~1 cup Organic Veggie Broth
~3 or 4 Artichoke Hearts Quartered

Start with your quinoia! I boiled 1 cup water and 1 cup organic veggie broth, then added 1 cup of uncooked quinoia. Set it to a a light boil and all the liquid will cook down. While that is cooking, move on to the kale.
Rinse the kale and spin off the extra water. Tear the leaves away from the large vein and into bite size pieces. You can cut it instead if you like but tearing worked for me. In a larger tupperware, toss the kale pieces and olive oil to mix the oil evenly throughout. Squeez juice from half the lemon over the kale and add your salt. toss it to mix well.
The quinoia will have basically tripled in size so put about 1 cup of the cooked quinoia in your serving dish and enjoy the rest on the side or with another dish. Top the Quinoia with the Kale and dressings, then add the seeds and artichoke hearts. DONE!
SO easy.
The quinoia has a naturally nutty flavor and it really pairs well with the otherwise mildly bitter kale. I sometimes add craisins to sweeten it up but this salad has become one of my staples. Sometimes I’ll make extra quinoia to keep in the fridge so that this healthy meal is even more convenient.

I am considering going on about how this salad was  expertly paired for optimal nutrition, but brevitys sake (and because Sterling is due to wake up from his nap ANY moment now) here are some resources. Enjoy!

Here’s a little something about Quinoia
This is why everyone has been buzzing about Kale
Whats up with Poppy seeds?
The skinny on artichoke hearts
And how about those sunflower seeds


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