I Cleaned The Bathroom



I cleaned the bathroom today. I guess it was necessary but it was dumb too because its already pretty messy again just after bath time. 
Today I also tried to run some errands, do the laundry, clean the kitchen, hang out with a friend, cook dinner, go to work, work from home and at every step I had my cling-on of an overtired 8 month old who is suffering with separation anxiety. He was actually surprisingly well behaved for most of the day despite the exhausting factors, and just really wanted to cuddle today. About half way through the day I started to doubt my ability to accomplish all I needed to before the day was over. We’re all familiar with the 2:30 slump. All you can do at that point is keep your head up and look at the next thing on the to do list. Unfortunately that plan didn’t work for me today. My list was long enough to beat me today.

The bathroom only got mostly clean, I got most of the groceries, the clothes got dry just not right away, I was more distracted than present with my friend, the chicken was undercooked, I missed my appointment at work and working from home was a disaster because I had ZERO focus. Sterling still loves me so at least I did something right today. The one thing I forgot that most effected everything is that I can’t do it all. We can all do somethings but none of us can do everything. When you try to do everything, it’s all done half heartedly. It takes a humble person to accept their limitations and a strong person to protect their boundaries. 

If anything is worth doing, isn’t it worth doing well? 



One thought on “I Cleaned The Bathroom

  1. I completely agree. I also think it’s unfair of society to expect women to “do it all” and be perfect. Better to dive deeply into a few things and do them well than to be spread too thin. Easier said than done, of course (at least for me) 🙂

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