The Power of Your Thoughts



How often do we see pictures like these? They’re all over the place. Sometimes I’ll see one and it will be perfectly timed, I just needed to hear that specific quote written across a pretty picture. Is there anything to it though? Does it go beyond the little bit of encouragement in that moment?  There are a plenty of people spending a lot of money to make you  believe that medications and drugs do a better job of keeping you healthy than your mind and thoughts can, but I don’t agree with that. Your mind and thoughts have, in my opinion, a stronger effect on your overall health and well being than almost any other factor alone. I know, with all the craze of organic, gluten free, free range, non GMO, Insanity work outs, P90X, Cross Fit and anything else from the endless list of health fads, you think I’m crazy but take a look at this before you cross me off  your list.

waterDr. Masaru Emoto has been conducting research for years based around this concept, that our thoughts are stronger than we know. His studies were pretty simple. Basically he froze water then looked at the ice crystals under a microscope. The only other detail is that he has people thinking about this water while it froze. sometimes as many as 500 people were sending “positive thoughts” to a bottle of water.(Don’t worry, I laughed at the mental image of that too)What he discovered was incredible. Looking at this picture to the left, the questions begging to be asked is, seeing as humans are 65% water, how are your thoughts effecting you?

Every year Americans spend well over 2 trillion dollars on physicians. This doesn’t take into account the money spent on preventative health (gym memberships, multi vitamins etc.) or medical insurance plans. It seems to me like we’ve got it backwards. What if we spent some of that time and money investing in our own mental health and stability before we were broken? How do you even know if you have a healthy thought life? Try taking an inventory of your conversations and language. We all speak from the overflow of our hearts, so what ever we hold close to our hearts (and consequently our minds) will dominate our conversations and speech. How do we know where to draw the line?

Each person is so different, which makes it hard to give a strong blanket example of a healthy thought life. There are some general guidelines that can help you decide whether you can healthfully entertain any given thought.

  • Is it lovely, praiseworthy or noble?
  • What emotion does it grow? love, hate, envy, joy, passion, jealousy, trust?
  • How much time have you already spent on this and have you moved in a constructive direction so far?

If I were to ask you a question and you only had 3 seconds to answer, what would you say is most important to you in life? Now hold on to that, and ask yourself if you spend more time thinking about this which is most important to you, or how to get through this problem at work or some other distraction. The amount of time you spend thinking about any given thing should closely match your priorities in life.

Some days I am just grumpy and don’t even want to make an effort. If that’s the case, watch this short video and just try not to laugh. It’s a video from 2006 but you’ll see, it’s great.

What if your employer started each day this way?! Can you even imagine the impact it would have on your day? If you are a business owner, can you imagine what an impact this could have on your team moral and overall success? Being positive, forward thinking and healthy in thought it not always easy. Sometimes I look in the mirror and force a sarcastic laugh, and then another, and before I know it my laughs are real. Often it’s just me laughing at myself being SO ridiculous, but hey, at least I’m laughing.


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