I Don’t Want To Go To Prison

But I want what this man has.
I’ve heard before that God is no respecter of man, but that comes off funny to me.
What I really mean to say is that God loves me a whole lot, so I don’t have to be anyone else and I still get every thing I ask for.
(Theres a song that says, “You can’t always get what you want” but I disagree. You can have EXACTLY what you want, you just have to be willing to wait for it.)

Why is it that we often wait until we are in the holding cell, on the way to our own version of prison before we ask Jesus to take over? How come we get so easily distracted by how good life gets that we forget to ask if God wants to give us more? Why would He not want to give us more at all times? The Bible says we go from glory to glory, which leaves no room for backing down. Prison wasn’t going backwards for this man, it was catapulting him into ministry. He lead hundreds of men, in the darkest places of their lives, in discovering the healing power of Gods love. That is glory if I have ever heard it.

What makes me think I have to be in a desperate place in order to desire the Lords presence so deeply, that  He comes? Why would I have to ache for His presence, doesn’t He want to be around me all the time too?There are different times in life, and some seasons don’t involve the same kind of ministry we’re used to or hearing Holy Spirit whisper in our ear. What does desperation look like in this season of you life?

Religion would say you should start by reading the Bible more often, do a devotional, or maybe spend more time in worship. These things can all be great avenues but I would like to propose that you don’t have to do anything. You can’t earn salvation, nor can we earn His presence. Walking with us was His desire first, it’s why man was created! That thought blows my mind. The concept that we were created because He wants to hang out with us. This man found himself in a place where his heart yearned for community with the Lord in a very real way. I would like to propose that all you have to do, to walk in favor like this man, is hunger.

Maybe it’s very simple. All I have to do is want it. I also want some chocolate ice cream, but more than that I want to keep healthy. I don’t mean this kind of want. I mean to want something with every fiber of your being, knowing it is promised to you already.
“…And be sure of this, I am with you always. Even to the very end of age.” Matthew 28:20

Don’t put God in a box, ask Him what it means to be “with me” I can almost guarantee He will surprise you. He’s a pretty big God.


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