I realize all of my posts so far have been largely media, and very few of my own thoughts. I’m mulling over a few ideas and I’ll share them soon. Until then I wanted to share with you a short video of a friend of mine, a mentor and highly respected theologian. Jon Welton has, in his young life, managed to decode parts of the bible that have caused confusion and fear in so many people due to a very rough interpretation. That puts him on extremely controversial land in many respects. When people have an idea about something, especially one held for a very long time, a new perspective can be threatening to the basics of our theology.

I believe that if you aren’t offending someone, you’re probably not doing much. Great people are just that, largely because they have overcome great hurdles, of those hurdles many are schools of thought. This can be applied to secular thoughts as well as religious. Consider fashion (on a less life altering level) for example.

Also, he just had his first baby. Congradulations Jon, Hannah Elisabeth is precious!

I recommend taking a look at the books he has written. They are  very well structured, giving you straight forward facts that are sensibly laced together to communicate strong points. If what is said in this video sparks controversy, great. If the contents of the video spark your interests, please check out some of his books.

Check out his website!


2 thoughts on “Controversial

  1. Interesting. I don’t find this video particularly controversial but I have skepticism about the school of thought this man comes from. (Just looked into it a little now.) But I like to hold all things in tension and keep pursuing understanding.

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